ClearStack Power’s innovative, clean coal Staged-Combustion Technology allows coal-fired electric utilities to continue to utilize our nations’ most abundant resource while remaining compliant with current and future air pollution regulations, at a fraction of the price of traditional methods.

Why Staged-Combustion?

  • Provides a much lower cost, and more highly efficient solution for processing solid fuels, especially coal
  • Meets all government compliance regulations for emissions, including those for SO2, NOx, Mercury and other metals
  • Front-end retrofitting requires significantly less capital and costs much less from an O&M standpoint than post-combustion methods, saving coal-fired electric utility companies tens of millions of dollars over time
  • Offers flexibility for fuel sources, so plants can adapt as fuel availability and prices shift

“ClearStack’s technology should lead to the reopening of multiple existing or new mines in the state of Illinois. It’s one of the more promising technologies right now.” —Taylor Pensoneau, President of the Illinois Coal Association and a member of the Illinois Clean Coal Review Board