Management and Technology

Tim Curran, CEO
Tim is the Chief Executive Officer of ClearStack Power, LLC, and is responsible for the overall direction of the company. He has over 30 years of experience in the Power Equipment and Services business worldwide, having held positions with Combustion Engineering, ABB and Alstom across many product lines including development of the alliance business. He also held the position of President & CEO of Gemma Power Systems and VP of Operations with the IPP firm, Reading Energy. Tim holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Rhode Island.

Thomas Hewson Jr., Principal
Mr. Hewson has spent more than 30 years at Energy Ventures Analysis directing the firm’s electricity and environmental practices. He has completed numerous policy, technology, fuel and power marketing studies for major electric utilities, fuel suppliers, governmental regulators, fuel transporters, financial investment firms, industrial trade organizations and energy consumers. He has done extensive work in examining the competitiveness of alternative power and environmental control technologies and identifying their highest value markets.

John Siegel, Principal
Mr. Siegel has over 30 years of experience as an owner and operator of vertically-integrated coal companies. He is one of the owners of Bowie Resource Partners, LLC. Mr. Siegel is also the co-owner and operator of Bowie Refined Coal LLC and ClearStack Power LLC as well as the co-founder of Northwestern Synfuels, Sentinel Energy and Loyola Synfuels. Previously he was an owner and operator of Green Bay Fuels and Jader Coal. Mr. Siegel holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Joseph’s College.


James Wolff, CFO
Mr. Wolff is Chief Financial Officer of ClearStack Power, LLC, and is responsible for the financial matters of the company. Since August 2011 Jim has also served as CFO of Bowie Resources, LLC, in Louisville, KY, which engages in the extraction, cleaning, and marketing of 5 million tons of coal per year from a single mine located in Colorado. Prior to joining Bowie Resources, Jim held the CFO position with US Coal Corporation.


Robert Ashworth, Senior Vice President of Technology
Mr. Ashworth is Senior Vice President of Technology of ClearStack Power, LLC, and is responsible for technology development for the company. His experience covers coal pyrolysis-liquefaction-combustion, flue gas treatment, medical waste incineration and sterilization, power cycle and economic analyses. He was Project and Process Manager for the Lincoln Developmental Center Ashworth Combustor demonstration. He holds 16 U.S. patents on coal conversion processes and environmental controls and is a member of the American Geophysical Union.

Mark Becker, Senior Process Engineer – Technology
Mr. Becker is responsible for the development of process engineering designs, testing and development of alternative fuels, and project start-up direction and support. Mark has more than 26 years of industrial experience including equipment troubleshooting, start-ups, and fuel evaluations, along with evaluation of feed water, boiler, and turbine capital projects.