Engineering Studies

Dynegy Engineering Study – Ashworth Staged-Combustor Retrofit Technical/Economic Analyses for Vermilion Unit #2. Study by ClearStack, Midrex Technologies and Dynegy.

Ameren Engineering Study – Assessment for Ashworth Staged – Combustor System Retrofit to Hutsonville Boiler #6. Study completed by ClearStack, Promecon, Sargent & Lundy, United Conveyor, Alstom Power, and Ameren.

Enhanced Oil Recovery Study – A design was completed by ClearStack, Codaco Engineering and ITS Engineered Systems for the use of the Ashworth Staged-Combustor with a Once Through 50 million Btu/hr Steam Generator (OTSG) for an Enhanced Oil Recovery application.

DHS Lincoln
Developmental Center Project

A 40 million Btu/hr staged-combustor system was retrofitted to a coal-fired stoker at the Department of Human Services (DHS) Lincoln Developmental Center in Lincoln, Illinois.

ClearStack, IL Clean Coal Review Board, IL Department of Commerce and Community Affairs, Illinois Development Finance Authority, Electric Power Research Institute, Detroit Edison, Dynegy, Allegheny Energy Supply, IL Department of Human Services and Midrex Technologies, Inc. funded the demonstration of the Ashworth Combustor. ClearStack and Codaco Engineering designed and completed the retrofit at Lincoln.

Sulfur dioxide emissions were reduced by 72%, NOX emissions were reduced down to 0.095 lb/106 Btu and mercury emissions by 93 to 100%.